Oct 17

If you have a non Apple SSD in your Mac and have taken the habit of enabling TRIM in order to avoid seeing the performance of your disk decreasing with time, a new utility activating TRIM in 10.7.2 is available:

A series of commands modifying the kexts in Mac OS X also activating TRIM is available as well:

These commands have the advantage of working on all versions of Mac OS X and probably also the future versions of Mac OS, except if Apple decided to radically modify the extensions.

If you are planning on activating TRIM for the first time, we advise you to go check on the several topics we have on the forum regarding TRIM activation to check how your SSD reacts to the command on OS X. Some models, although they are becomimg quite rare, can have problems and become sluggish or even momentarily freeze once the TRIM command has be activated. If that happens to you, don’t panic, just disable TRIM and things will go back to normal.

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