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Traveling, dropping off or picking up passengers? Live Arrivals and Departures information for all commercial flights at any given airport in the World.

As a very frequent flyer, I travel around the World at least once month from Wellington, New Zealand and am constantly prone to delayed or cancelled flights. I often have impromptu meetings being organised around the World and it is important for me to find the nearest airport to my current location and available flights. I am an iPhone enthusiast and have installed numerous applications to help me track flights, find flights and discover routes.

I found that these applications were either US and Canada focused or limited and the way they addressed my needs or very often both. These were also very often overpriced and talking to some of my fellow travellers, I designed the ultimate user-friendly, functionality packed and affordable iPhone application: World Flights.

The benefits of World Flights are to provide live Departures and Arrivals for all commercial flights around the World in an easy, fast and intuitive manner.

We all have different needs and ways to search for information, World Flights offers a multitude of ways to access the required information based on one’s specific requirement at a given moment.

What’s new in Version 3.0:

  • Refined user interface;
  • Search by Route;
  • Favourite Airports and Routes;
  • iOS 7 and iPhone 5x Ready.


The objectives of the World Flights application are to provide all necessary departure and arrival information to commercial flights passengers as well as to those dropping off or picking up commercial flights passengers around the World by:

  • Providing accurate and up to date information about commercial flights to and from any airport or based on any given route;
  • Identifying the nearest airport to a given location;
  • Allowing users to save their most used airports and routes as favourites for quick access; and
  • Displaying flight tracking information on a map.

Application Screenshots

Updated Flights Lists
Flight Details
Find Nearest Airport Search by Route
Search by Route or Airline Favourite Routes
Favourite Airports Airport Information
YouTube demo:

A favorite amongst review sites!!!

AppShouter (http://www.appshouter.com/world-flights-iphone-app-review/)
“this app can be extremely useful. It is a whole lot quicker to pull out your iPhone and use this app than it is to find similar information on the airline websites, and for business travelers this app will be well worth the money! If you’re still reading this, and the idea of having easy access to flight schedules is appealing, don’t wait another minute. Head to the App Store and download World Flights today!

AppSafari (http://www.appsafari.com/utilities/12176/world-flights/)
“The app. has a clean look and is very easy to pick up and use. I like the blue and white color scheme and the simple picture of the plane that appears at the bottom of most of the screens… World Flights is only $1.99- I think this is a small price to pay for the frequent traveler. This app. provides all the flight info you would need when you’re on the go in a straightforward layout so you can access it quickly. Happy Travels!

Cool iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps (http://www.cooliphoneipadapps.com/2010/08/world-flights.html)
“Whether you travel twice a year or twenty times a year, this travel app will give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to track your flights, and be prepared at all times. Use this app to take the stress out of travel, and make alternate plans in the event of delays that may affect your business or even personal appointments out of town. World Flights is accurate, works quickly, smoothly and well to get you the flight information you need immediately, right in the palm of your hand.”

Simple Review (http://simple-reviews.com/?p=3414)

* This app is a must have for anyone who travels a lot!
* Automatically finds your location and airports around you. It’s like magic!
* Option to add your favorite airports
* Very UI friendly and simple to use
* Supports iOS 4
* Application is overall fast
* Reasonably priced. Only $1.99!
* ”

World App Review (http://www.worldappreview.com/apps/world-flights)
“Not only will this app list the status of the planes, but it will show you the directions to your own flight! This means that it will tell you the directions of the airports, and tell you which terminal your plane is going to be at. I would recommend anyone to purchase this item. ”

WhichBudget (http://www.whichbudget.com/blog/about-us/press/36-press-releases/579-top-10-travel-apps-you-cant-afford-to-holiday-without)
#1 favorite paid travel app, #3 overall travel app

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  1. Boyd Kulak says:

    Is it me or did this article make you want to buy an iPad?

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  3. MrClicky says:

    Is it just for international flights or can you look up domestic arr/dep too?

    Also, if a flight’s delayed will this be reflected as soon as data is available?

    cheers, looks good,

    Mr C

  4. Patrice says:

    Yes it will be reflected as soon as the data is available and is for all commercial flights, domestic and international.

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